who we are

who we are

Established in 1980 Krystals has grown to be one of the most successful manufacturers and suppliers of Pharmaceutical Dispensing Packaging in the market

In 2009 Krystals moved into a new age of management and manufacturing, sparking a multimillion pound investment program in new equipment to address quality and capacity issues. Today we boast one of the youngest and most environmentally friendly Blow Moulding Plants for Pharmaceutical Containers in Europe, and today we are proud to be providing millions of high quality units per week

Our dedication to the field and long standing relationship with our suppliers now results in a high quality consistent product. We are the only supplier of pre-capped tablet bottles who actually manufacture and automatically pre-cap their own range in house and do not outsource . This means we have direct control over quality and indeed costs to provide a cost effective solution to the Pharmacy Dispensing Market

Krystals is also proud to be a founder member of the Child Safe Packaging Group meaning that we are at the forefront of child safe and quality standards and certification for our market. Therefore you can rest assured that we are manufacturing and supplying to the highest standards

We believe that our strengths in this sector can be translated into success in corrugated carton manufacturing. As a result in 2011 we decided to invest in modern equipment to help us realise this ambition and as at July 2012 we can boast that the average age of our corrugated equipment is less than 12 months

This re-birth of the Krystals Corrugated Cartons is proving to be very exciting with existing customers and suppliers who are coming together to realise the benefits of working with the changed more efficient company. We like to think of ourselves as “the new boys with the big boys toys!”

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